May 2018

Each time that I am going to share my love story I always keep on telling everyone that this story of mine is a famous one. Why? For I know that my love story is one of a kind and that the story behind it something so unique that I would cherish my whole life with.

It was a very fine afternoon, and everything is set for me to go back to the place where stayed for so many years after I had finished my shift at charlotte London escorts. I need to go back in there for some school requirements to finished, but the moment before I am about to go out the house there was this some old friend of mine who is working for charlotte London Escorts inviting me to a party. It was a somewhat a kind of a reunion of our tertiary class that made think of postponing my travel and join the party. When I was at the party, I am a bit embarrassed to talk to some of my classmates for they have grown enough and that I am afraid also that they don’t recognize me at all since i had changed so much since starting London escorts. But there was this guy who called up my name, and it was my best friend back then I thought he is not coming for the last time we talk over the phone he cannot come home for he has a convention to attend to.

Well, was so happy to a surprise that he made it through regardless of how busy he is. We got along together with our classmates and when it is about for us to go home. He offered to bring me back home. So I didn’t refused his offer for that period all I want is to go home for I needed to pursue my travel in going back to the city where I studied. So when I was in his car I am a bit nervous for he is going a wrong way towards our house destination. A moment after he stops the car and opens it for me. When I am about to come out he cover my eyes, as I could remember I was shedding tears for I thought he would harm me. But when I opened my eyes, we were in our favorite place when we were still kids and there our families and our friends, neighbors, classmates were there. He asked me to marry him. I cried and told him why he is asking me for marriage? We are not in a relationship. He then told me “ever since the day I first saw you when I was a kid I know you are the one for me”. Have you ever wonder why I don’t have any partner in my life and so do you?

He says for I know that we are meant for each other. I may be miles away from you since you moved to work for London escorts, but my heart will always be with you forever.” I give hugged him so tight and kissed him so passionately and tell him for the first time in front of so many people that I love him more than he ever knows. I accepted his proposal, and now we are happily married for 20 years already.…