My Escort Weight Loss Program

We all have our different ambitions in life. Mine may seem a little bit unusual but it is my ambition. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinating with escorting. Both my grandma and my great grandma, were escorts in London. Ever since then, I have wanted to become an escort, but I have been a bit on the heavy side. Of course, I could not tell my mum about any of my plans, but since moving way from home, that has all changed. I am now aiming for what I would really like to do.

Since moving from home, I have lost lots of weight and I am now beginning to look really good. The other day, I had my photos done, and I have now sent them off to https://charlotteaction.org/manor-park-escorts Manor Park escorts services. I hope that I am going to get a reply very soon. The guy who took my Manor Park escorts photos, thought that I look amazing and said that I should try to make it as a bikini model. Lots of bikini models are too skinny it appears and do not look good in bikinis at all.

I can hardly believe what is happening to me and every time that I look at myself in the mirror, I think that I am beginning to look better and better. When I was working out this morning, this guy came up and told that I looked fantastic and I got really excited. Of course, I know that I may have some way to go yet, but it is clear that many guys are beginning to notice my new sexy body. I only hope that the owners of Manor Park escorts do so so as well.

Bikini modeling sounds okay, but it is not really an avenue which I have explored. I have been so focused on getting in shape for Manor Park escorts that I have kind of forgotten to explore other avenues. This week is a really busy week at work, but I am going to take some time to check out bikini modeling. The guy from the photo studio has already phoned me back and said that he has been in touch with a couple of agencies and they are really interested in me. But, I would not drop my dream of working for Manor Park escorts.

At the moment, I am working in Tesco. It is one of the most boring jobs that you can do, and certainly one of the reasons why I would like to work for Manor Park escorts. I should not really complain too much, as the management staff have noticed me and think that I am really good with customers. So many things are happening at once, and I am not sure that I can keep up with it all. Yes, it is great to work for Tesco, but to be honest, it is not the sort of thing that you would like to do for the rest of your life. I would so much rather work for an escort service in London or become a bikini model.…

Am I turning into a Lesbian?



I am not sure what is going on but I can feel myself changing. When I first joined Mile End escorts, I never fancied women. But it is like something has gone click in my head and I now enjoy the company of women when I get home from the agency. I am not attracted to men at all and I only feel that I would like to spend time with women. As a matter of fact, I have started to feel that a lot of women are sexier than men and more fun to be with at the same time.


It all started when I went to this club in Soho with a friend of mine from https://charlotteaction.org/mile-end-escorts Mile End escorts. I know that my friend from Mile End escorts is a lesbian. While we were in the club. She took the opportunity to introduce me to some of her girlfriends. They were all really friendly and seemed to be able to read me like a book. When we left the club, I ended up with all of their phone numbers in my book. It was clear that they wanted to see me again.


Did I find them attractive? I must say that I found most of my new friends attractive. When they touched me, it felt really good and I could feel my body waking up to new experience and pleasures. At that time, nothing really exciting had happened. We had just done some hand holding and touching. I am sure that many of the girls liked me as well, and they had indeed said that they wanted to see me again. A couple of them really interested me as well.


About a week later when my friend from Mile End escorts was out of town, one of the girls phoned me up. She worked for another Mile End escorts and said that she wanted to get together and talk shop. I did not mind that at all. She was also one of the nice girls that I had met and I must admit that I was looking forward to spending some time in her company. Instead of going out, I invited her to my place. We sat down for a chat and that was it…


About an hour later, we could not keep our hands of each other any longer. We were kissing and touching. I discovered that I enjoyed touching my new friend’s breasts and loved it when she fondled mine. Touching became licking and then we ended up playing with my collection of sex toys. A little while later we laid exhausted in each other arms and could not take the action any more. I am not sure what has happened here. Has Mile End escorts turned me into a lesbian or have I always been a lesbian, it all seems a bit strange to me and I don’t know what to do. One thing is for sure, I have decided not to feel guilty about it at all. I enjoy the company of my new friend and look forward to playing with her some more.